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Jody McKechnie Life Purpose Coach & Energy Worker

About Jody McKechnie

My life goal is to help women experience improved health, happiness, and freedom for the life they deserve. What may seem impossible is actually quite possible with understanding of self and the Universe. Many of us have experienced trauma in many shapes and forms.

Personally, I was diagnosed at a young age with an autoimmune disease that required me to be home schooled for 3 years, followed by a major surgery. I also spent several years supporting a spouse through very tragic illnesses.

At age 41, I had a reading with a woman at a girls’ night get together. I approached it as something fun and curious. During this reading, she encouraged me to embrace my intuitive abilities and open myself up to those things not seen. She suggested I read two books that ended up changing my life. As I read those two books I knew intuitively that these were things I needed to explore further. This in turn sent me out to the wonderful world of the internet in search of anything I could find on souls, their journey, and the metaphysical.

From there I decided to put on the brakes and figure out all the things that weren’t making sense in my life, that’s where my spiritual journey began. I gave up numerous things that were familiar to me and started challenging myself to investigate things that previously hadn’t made sense in my life. On this journey, I discovered the powerful effects of meditation, healthy eating, healthy detoxing, essential oils, clean living, shamanic healing, Reiki practices, manifestation, and the power of positive energy.

I use the tools and skills I have learned in order to create the life I love, and to pursue the things that I am passionate about and fill me with joy. I wish the same for you! My hope is that my story inspires at least one person to take the step to living the life they love, and they allow me the honor of helping them along the way.

13418 Clayton Road

Town & Country, Missouri 63131

Phone: 314-669-1759