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Granite City APA

The APA in Granite City began in March of 1972 when ten hard-working volunteers decided that there was a need for a no-kill animal shelter in southern Illinois. The "APA" was incorporated and the shelter opened in a member's basement. In 1979, the ten members began fund-raising efforts to begin a building fund. The present building is housed on land that was donated by a generous individual, but the actual construction of the building took five years. Many generous individuals helped to shape the shelter that is our current home. The APA receives no city, county, state or federal assistance.

We are a 501(C)3 non-profit, public corporation. Over the years the shelter fell into disrepair and neglect until 1999 when a new group of volunteers came in and cleaned up the place. They made much needed renovations and added a new heating and cooling system. Today, the shelter is air-conditioned and pavilions have been built outside to shelter the animals from the weather. Each animal now has toys to play with.

In the summer, the animals have plastic swimming pools to play in and keep them cool. Carpeted towers were purchased for the kitten and cat rooms for hours of fun and play and the cat and kitten room is screened in so the animals can easily view the workers, volunteers and visitors in the lobby. We also hold mobile adoptions every weekend for so that people that cannot come to the shelter can meet our critters.

The Granite City APA is a "no-kill" shelter meaning that we do not put a time limit on how long an animal will be maintained at the shelter. We give the animals we accept or rescue every attempt at adoption possible. "No-kill" does not mean "never kill" - we wish it did - but in reality, not every animal that comes to us can be adopted. Euthanasia may be performed if an animal is so sick it cannot be helped, or is so vicious or lacks socialization that it cannot be placed in a home. Our animals are not sentenced to a life in a crate, but are free to play and interact with others throughout the day.

5227 Canham Rd. PO Box 1311

Granite City, IL 62040

Phone: (618) 931-7030